Saturday, December 11, 2010

Porting DialCentral: Meaningless Results

I'm not sure why I like to wrap up each port with these meaningless results but here we go.

Qt Version
  • Near feature parity with GTK version (no custom callbacks, not re-implemented Alarm UI, no rotation for now)
  • Access to call cancel
  • Divider on various lists (for time ones, tried to balance heavy/light phone users)
  • Condensed history
  • Changed SMS Entry letter count style from GV to Nokia
  • Tabs are cached between launches
  • Display when history/messages tabs where last refreshed
  • 4,866 LOCs
  • From August 18th to December 2nd
GTK Version
  • 7,207 LOCs
  • For forever :)
That is quite an impressive difference in size.   I think a lot of that is owed to a cleaned up design that only needs to worry about Google Voice and not Grand Central.

I've still got some things to clean up, a couple bugs to fix, and improving some UI glitches on Maemo 4.1.  After that my plan is to get all of my applications into the Community OBS so they are available for Meego.